Advertising is and has always been about "the brand." It is creative, it is magical and it is entertaining. As Bill Bernbach, an advertising creative director, once said: "Advertising is fundamentally persuasion and persuasion happens to be not a science, but an art." Advertising is not driven by numbers but uses them. Research provides a foundation but not a map to success.

At the Miller School, we teach students the core elements of advertising - from the creation of a strategy to the X-Factor to the final creative product. We break rules. We look for new ways to reach the target; we help students look critically at the marketplace. Of course we include the latest platforms, including social networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. But just as important, we look for the X-Factor: the one element that will reach the target consumer at the right time, in the right place and with the right message. And we have a lot of fun doing it!

Advertising excites, informs, and motivates. That's what Advertising at the Miller School is all about. Come join us.

Check the JMC Curriculum Guide for a complete list of requirements both for Advertising as well as the general Arts and Sciences degree requirements and course options.

Advertising Curriculum

Required Courses Hours
MC110 - Mass Communication in Society 3
MC120 - Principles of Advertising 3
MC221 - Advertising Strategy & Writing 3
MC396 - Strategic Communication Research 3
MC446 - Advertising Media Planning 3
MC456 - Advertising Techniques 3
MC466 - Law of Mass Communications 3
MC640 - Advertising Campaigns 3
MC557 - Advanced Ad & PR Techniques           
MC623 - Global Advertising  
MC665 - Managing Integrated Strategic Comm  
MC670 - Advertising & Social Responsibility  
JMC Electives (3 hours must be 500-level or above) 12
Total hours required in the Advertising option 39