Public Relations Sequence

Visionary. People person. Communicator. Strategic thinker. Energetic. Passionate. If these traits describe you, then you have what it takes to succeed in public relations. A career in public relations is high energy, fast-paced and exciting. PR professionals shape the relationships between organizations and the world, and it takes all of these traits above, along with training and an array of skills to succeed.

Our public relations sequence prepares students to manage communication programs of public, non-profit and private organizations. The curriculum emphasizes writing, design techniques for communication products, communication theory, research, strategic planning and managerial skills. Our students are required to have at least one internship prior to graduation and have the opportunity to get involved in a variety of student-run JMC programs, all to further enhance our learn-by-doing philosophy. Our students can and do graduate with real-world experience that prepares them for successful careers.

Check the JMC Curriculum Guide for a complete list of requirements both for Public Relations as well as the general Arts and Science degree requirements and course options.

Required Classes Hours
MC110 - Mass Communication in Society 3
MC180 - Fundamentals of Public Relations 3
MC200 - News and Feature Writing 3
MC280 - Public Relations Writing 3
MC380 - Public Relations Planning & Strategy 3
MC382 - Public Relations Case Studies 3
MC396 - Strategic Communications Research 3
MC466 - Law of Mass Communications 3
MC480 - Public Relations Techniques 3
MC491 - Mass Communications Internship 1 - 3
MC645 - Public Relations Campaigns 3
  31 - 33
Select one of the following 3-hour classes  
MC539 - Fundraising in Non-Profit Organizations  
MC557 - Advanced Ad & PR Techniques  
MC625 - Media Relations  
MC662 - International & Intercultural Public Relations  
MC665 - Managing Integrated Strategic Communications  
MC682 - Seminar in Public Relations  
Any MC course or courses 3 - 5
Total hours required in Public Relations Sequence 39