2014-2015 JMC Ambassadors

Want to join our team?

Our JMC Ambassadors are some of the best students in our program. They are smart, energetic and enthusiastic and to a great job of representing The Miller School at a variety of events.

Whether it’s hosting campus visitors, attending recruiting events, assisting with special events and guest speakers or spreading the word about important details the student body needs to know about, our Ambassadors are proud to represent The Miller School wherever they go.

If you want to join the team, this is a terrific way to build your resume and have fun in a leadership position.


Download the PDF. You can type in your answers and save your document before printing if off.

All applicants must be a major within the program. Pre-majors are not eligible to apply. Applications must be turned in to 105 Kedzie Hall by 5:00 p.m., Friday, March 14th.

Meet our current Ambassadors:

Cameron BanningCameron Banning, junior
Sequence: Public Relations
Outside concentration: Leadership Studies minor
Career aspirations: I’d like to work in athletic administration.
Favorite media source: Twitter.
Favorite internship and why: Working with kstatehd.tv. I loved being able to show the world what Kansas State University and K-State athletics is all about.
Favorite hands-on experience: Hosting my own sports show on KSDB-FM, The Wildcat 91.9.

Madison DebesMadison Debes, junior
Sequence: Public Relations
Outside concentration: Marketing
Career aspirations: Non-profit PR for charity or fashion PR.
Favorite media source: Huffington Post.
Favorite internship and why: This summer I interned for the City of Great Bend's community coordinator. It was interesting to discover what attracts people to different areas.
Favorite hands-on experience: Researching the history of Kenney Ford Residence Hall in the archives for Gloria Freeland’s News & Feature Writing class.

Kaitlyn DewellKaitlyn Dewell, junior
Sequence: Journalism and Digital Media - Print
Outside concentration: Spanish and Women’s Studies
Career aspirations: To write empowerment articles for women’s magazines.
Favorite media source: Glamour magazine.
Favorite Internship and why: I enjoyed writing for the Meade County News this past summer. It was an awesome way to gain experience as well as positively impact my home community.
Favorite hands-on experience: This year, I’ve been given the opportunity to write for the Collegian. I’m looking forward to learning more about my intended profession and getting more involved at K-State!

Laura OxlerLaura Oxler, senior
Sequence: Advertising
Outside concentration: Spanish minor and Political Science
Career aspirations: Be a creative art director for an advertising company.
Favorite media source: The Onion.
Favorite internship and why: Organizing Target’s Back-to-College After-Hours Shopping Event. It gave me awesome hands-on experience with an advertising company, Periscope. I had months of experience working with all aspects of the event from start to finish.
Favorite hands-on experience: Brainstorming new ideas and being able to execute them in the labs in Kedzie gives me an idea of the real world.

Jena SauberJena Sauber, junior
Sequence: Journalism & Digital Media – Print
Outside concentration: Leadership Studies minor
Career aspirations: To tell people’s stories.
Favorite media source: I really enjoy local sources but I follow CNN for national news.
Favorite internship and why: I am looking forward to having my first internship this summer, hopefully at a magazine or other publication.
Favorite hands-on experience: I have written for the Collegian since my first semester at K-State. It has provided me with invaluable “real-world” experience that can’t be learned in a classroom and taught me important lessons about being a working journalist.

Justin SmithJustin Smith, junior
Sequence: Advertising
Outside concentration: Business minor
Career aspirations: I’d love to be a creative director some day.
Favorite media source: Twitter because of how instant and simple it is.
Favorite internship and why: No internship yet but excited about it.
Favorite hands-on experience: I have really enjoyed working in ad production. Getting to design and assemble advertisements for the Collegian has been fun and great hands-on experience.

Kaitlin WestKaitlin West, junior
Sequence: Public Relations
Outside concentration: Either Marketing or Psychology
Career aspirations: I want to work in environmental nonprofit work.
Favorite media source: Twitter. Because news updates happen within minutes and come from many sources.
Favorite internship and why: I worked for the Kansas City T‑Bones last summer. It was great to work in such a fun environment.
Favorite hands-on experience: Writing articles for the Collegian for MC 200 was a good experience.  I had never interviewed someone before so that was really valuable.



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